-Sperm freezing
 -Embryo freezing



The Syrian Fertility Center is well equipped to have good results with
conventional IVF cycles. In such cases eggs are aspirated from wife's
ovary to be fertilized in lab with sperm taken from husband to get
embryos that are replaced in the uterus.


In other cases such as oligozoospermia or Asthenozoospermia,one
sperm is catched and injected into the uterus of wife under microscope
to get an embryo that is replaced in the uterus.


In cases of Azoospermia(no sperm are found in the seminal fluid) we
use a Fine Needle Aspiration to recover some sperm from inside the
testes; and then we use these sperm to fertilize eggs taken from the
wife to get embryos and replace them inside the uterus.

Sperm Freezing

Nowadays, sperm can be frozen in liquid nitrogen for tens and
hundreds of year to be used again in fertilization.
We do this sperm freezing where the husband has to travel and the
wife will be fertilized after his travel.
This process is also used to keep sperm from men who have very few
numbers of sperm in their semen so they can get children later if the
develop Azoospermia.

Sperm freezing is very usefull for men who are subject to
chemotherapy because of tumors and Cancer, because
chemotherapy often cause Azoospermia after cure, so we keep their
sperm to use it later.

Embry freezing

If we have surplus empryos after embryo transfer we can freeze it for
later use to get another pregnancy without the need for eggs
aspiration from the wife.


In some cases where there is a fear of having a child with
chromosome abnormality (like mongolism) we can test the embryo
for that before transferring to the uterus to avoid having an affected
child. This technology can also be applied to have a child from
particular sex (male or female)

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